Provisional Club Events

Provisional – Holyhead Cycling Club Time Trials Calendar 2021


The next update from Welsh Govt is expected on 12th March, at which point CTT will contact us again with advice about whether we are able to resume activity.

If we are allowed to resume activity, we will need to start allocating volunteer support for these events. Some people have already come forward to support, but we always need volunteers to make these events happen.

We are exploring ways of making the events more Covid safe – so expect some changes – primarily how you sign up for an event and how you pay for an event.

We may also have to provide disposable numbers etc.

We could also add that we will be asking for payments direct into bank and entry prior to the event (where possible – via a Google form)

Also Entry costs as follows:

£5 non members,

£4 members,

£3 non member juniors,

£0 member juniors

Also worth noting that we will only start events when we are advised by CTT that we are allowed to based on Covid restrictions.

The calendar may contain events that may not go ahead if restrictions are not lifted in time.