2022 Event Results

Holyhead Cycling Club – 10 Mile Time Trial

Dalar Course

Thursday 21.04.2022 19:00pm

PositionRider NameClubTime
1Danny GlynTeam Bottrill20.38
2Ifor PhillipsHCC23.03
3Cain Jones (Road Bike)HCC24.25
4Karen JonesHCC25.58
5Debbie SheridanGuest26.29
6Bridget RipleyHCC27.14
7Arwel Evans (Road Bike)HCC27.23


Holyhead Cycling Club – 8 Mile Time Trial

Llanfaelog Course

Thursday 07.04.2022 18:30pm

PositionRider NameClubTime
1Rich WilliamsHCC17.23
2Jonathan TylerHCC18.41
3Ifor PhillipsHCC19.22
4Karen JonesHCC22.00
5Arwel EvansHCC22.12
6Mark BarrettHCC22.52


5 Mile Winter League Time Trials Round 1 – Treban Course – 23rd January 2022

Results show absolute time & position, and for a bit of fun the times with Veteran’s Time Trial Association adjustments for age & gender.

NameNumberStart TimeFinish TimeTotal TimePositionVTTA AdjustmentAdjusted TimeAdjusted Position
Mark Barrett111:01:00 DNSDNS00:00:36  
Nige Wood211:02:0011:16:0900:14:09100:00:4500:13:241
Alun Rowlands311:03:0011:18:3600:15:36400:01:1100:14:253
Deborah Sheridan411:04:0011:19:2800:15:28200:01:2000:14:082
Eamonn Sheridan511:05:0011:22:5000:17:50600:01:2000:16:306
Annie Glover611:06:0011:21:3100:15:31300:00:3100:15:004
Karen Jones1711:07:0011:22:3900:15:39500:00:2000:15:195